I’m David and this is my wife Ashley. Frustrated with the lack of information available on the internet We launched 1 Source Body Health.

This is an informational website on health issues. All of our articles are in depth. You won’t need to visit 10 websites to feel like you have gotten enough information.

I try to make our articles as fun as possible lots of pictures and videos so you will have a delightful experience.

My wife has lupus and Crhon’s disease as well as many other diseases. I myself have Asthma, Acid Reflux, Depression/ Anxiety,Degenerative Disc Disease, and have had MRSA and a slew of other problems.

Our articles are very well researched, and complete in general. We speak to the leaders in the industry as well as many physicians. I don’t really like to recommend products but If I do you can rest assured that I have done massive research on each problem.

I will speak to people who have used or taken said product. Research for many many hours and talk to many many people and I will include testimonials on the review page. If it applies to myself or my wife I will buy the product and give my own personal review, in addition to.

You won’t find any shortcuts on this website full and complete information, If I wouldn’t buy it myself I won’t advise you to. I am a bit of a Sherlock Homes when it comes to things like this and I will get  to the bottom of it.