Cat Asthma-Are You Causing Your Feline’s Breathing Problems?

[youtube]  Can Dogs And Cats Get Asthma? While it may seem like asthma is strictly a human problem, that isn't the case. Dogs and cats both can become asthmatic.Just like humans asthma is  caused by breathing tubes being irritated but allergens. This can cause your pets throat to be swollen and restricted.This could be pollen,chemicals,...

8 Tips For Helping A Loved One With Asthma

[youtube]1.Take Steps To Rid Your Home Of Irritants- Use pillow covers and mattress covers to minimize dust and dust mites. Also wash your bed sheets and covers at least once a week. 2.Use A Dehumidifier-  It will keep the moisture out of the air and fight against mold growth.3.Don't Keep Animals In Your Home- Pet...

Pathophysiology Of Asthma- The Shocking Truth

[youtube]  Pathophysiology Of Asthma Pathophysiologyˌ(paTHəˌfizēˈäləjē/)- What happens to the body that creates the condition or illness.So now that we know what pathophysiology is, let's talk about the association with asthma. Asthma is a chronic illness of the lungs or more importantly the breathing tubes (bronchial tubes).Asthma is a common, chronic inflammatory disorder of the airways of...

Types Of Asthma Medications and How They Are Used

Asthma Medications [youtube]With pollen season on the way, people suffering from Asthma and other allergies that cause breathing problems are probably dreading the spring right now.If you are a long-time asthma patient you already know a lot about asthma medications and how they are used.In order to search for an effective medication easier, we...

What Is Asthma? Allergies Hay fever Wheezing and Other Signs And Symptoms

What Is Asthma? [youtube]Asthma is a chronic illness that is problematic for twenty five million people in the United States alone. Asthma can be a life  threateningcondition if it is not treated. Asthma is the narrowing and inflammation of the throat and airways. Asthma will make it hard for the person tobreathe and...

Asthma Action Plans

doctor writing asthma action plan
[youtube]Asthma Action PlansAsthma is a common disease that has the potential to become a chronic disease.It is a disease of respiratory system and causes shortness of breath, tightness in chest, and cough.The intensity and frequency of Asthma attacks could vary over time.The most common symptoms associated with Asthma are:Difficulty in Breathing Blockage...

How To Stop An Asthma Cough (EASY HOW TO GUIDE & VIDEO )

cough syrup
[youtube]There is a slight difference between chronic cough & a disease which seems similar to asthma. Chronic cough usually lasts for at least 8 weeks or maybe a bit longer, however, if it persists then it becomes alarming and may lead towards asthma.It is worth mentioning that if you are not facing typical...

How To Prevent And Control Asthma Exacerbations

asthma inhalers
[youtube]Asthma Exacerbations consist of acute or sub-acute episodes of progressively worsening breathlessness, coughing, wheezing and chest tightness or any combination of these.These differ from episodes of poor asthma control in the diurnal variability of airflow; a key marker of poor asthma control may not change during an exacerbation. A major advancement in the new...

New Asthma Treatments-A Cure For Asthma?

child taking asthma treatment
 WARNING CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT: [youtube] New Asthma Treatments In America, one in twelve people deal with asthma, and these numbers are rising on a yearly basis. It is pertinent to understand what is being done to tackle this medical concern and the symptoms it brings along.A lot of research has gone into understanding asthma and learning...

What Is Bronchitis?

[youtube]  BRОNСHІTІS   Brоnсhіtіѕ іѕ an іnflаmmаtіоn оf the аіrwауѕ іn thе lungs.Thе fundamental tubеѕ that аіr flоwѕ through іn thе lungs аrе саllеd bronchi, аnd branching оff thеm are ѕmаllеr tubеѕ саllеd brоnсhіоlеѕ.At thе point whеn these tubes get tо bе dіѕtіnсtlу іnflаmеd, іt саuѕеѕ nаrrоwіng, соnѕtrісtіоn, and blосkаgе оf thе аіrwауѕ, whісh рrоmрtѕ tо...


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