Applying For Disability With Lupus [WITH VIDEO]

[youtube] Why Is Getting Disability For Lupus So Hard? There are many things about filing for disability that most people just don't know.  Did you know most people that apply for disability get turned down their first time?In fact over 85% of people that apply for disability do not get disability their first application.Also over...

Lupus Rash-What Does It Look Like(WITH VIDEO)

butterfly rash
[youtube] What Does Lupus Rash Look Like? Lupus can be a very debilitating disease, and can be very painful for the person. One of the hardest thing about lupus is that there aren't many signs  even exists. Lupus can show up in one test and not in the same test the next day.People with lupus...

What Is Lupus? Signs Symptoms And Treatment

[youtube]The immune system is designed to help protect against foreign bodies (toxins, pathogens) in the human body. All of this takes place through a complex set of biological processes, which combine to form a safety net for the body as it looks to stay healthy.When things aren't right with the immune system, an...


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