Breathing Exercises For Asthma-6 Amazing Methods To Ditch Your Inhaler

[youtube]Breathing exercises for asthma can help to lessen the severity of asthma attacks or help to stop them from happening in the first place. They help by giving the user better lung control and makes the lungs stronger.We will be discussing 6 fantastic breathing exercises that are tested and proved to be the best...

8 Tips For Helping A Loved One With Asthma

[youtube]1.Take Steps To Rid Your Home Of Irritants- Use pillow covers and mattress covers to minimize dust and dust mites. Also wash your bed sheets and covers at least once a week. 2.Use A Dehumidifier-  It will keep the moisture out of the air and fight against mold growth.3.Don't Keep Animals In Your Home- Pet...

Asthma Action Plans

[youtube]Asthma Action PlansAsthma is a common disease that has the potential to become a chronic disease.It is a disease of respiratory system and causes shortness of breath, tightness in chest, and cough.The intensity and frequency of Asthma attacks could vary over time.The most common symptoms associated with Asthma are:Difficulty in Breathing Blockage...

What Happens During An Asthma Attack? What You Need To Know

This Is What Happens During An Asthma Attack [youtube] There are basically three things that happen when you have an asthma attack: 1.Your Muscles Tighten Up/Chest Pain- This pain happens because when you have an asthma attack, you body forces you to breathe differently. You use muscle that you don't normally use.This is why you become...


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