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Asthma prevention tips and tricksAsthma, also widely known as bronchial asthma, is a chronic (long-lasting) lungs disease that causes shrinkage of air passages(which carry oxygen to lungs), due to which breath taking process becomes very difficult.

Asthma straight way starts showing it’s indications and causes revolving periods of wheezing (a  sound of whistle produced when one breathes), chest stiffness, shortness of breath, and severe non productive cough which often occurs at night or early in the morning.

In worst form of this disease, one is neither able to carry out his activities nor can talk in a normal way.

Asthma has devastating effects on lives of general public and millions of people are restricted to bed every year due to it.

Only in United States, the disease has badly harmed 28 million people, among them 7 million are children and nearly 3 millions are compelled to visit emergency room every year.

Sometimes, asthma is minimal and can be eradicated with little treatment while other times it gets worst and makes things uncontrollable.

People with this disease can spend their lives normally with adequate treatment and medication, while turning a deaf eye towards the disease even after its diagnosis could be deadly.

Asthma attacks are also termed as flareups or exacerbations.


Myths associated with asthma:

-Medications for asthma do not work at times:

In real, asthma drugs are effective treatments if they are used in compliance with given direction by doctor.


-Patients with asthma should completely give up physical activities

Actually, this is not the solution, however, little care is required.

myths-Diet and avoiding supplements can make the situation better

According to different credible research agencies, there is evident proof that adopting or leaving of specific nutrient help treat asthma.

Asthma is a psychological situation and is in mind

The disease destroys the transmission system of oxygen which is carried to lungs and is totally physical.

Asthma can be outgrown

It might improve with health but unfortunately it is lifelong situation.

Be Smart And Follow These Little Steps To Prevent Asthma


-Be sure to take your doctor’s recommended and prescribed medications regularly, medicines are typically inhaled through nebulizer with the help of a device called metered dose inhaler.

-Learn the use of devices or always remain in company of someone who can be helpful in this regard. However, medications for well established asthma would be different and might need other sort of treatment.

-Avoid pollutant air atmosphere, cigarette smoke, burning fumes and dangerous pollens and if you are already a patient be sure to use air conditioning which reduces the factors where are polluting the inside air.

-Regularly get vaccinated can prevent the symptoms to grow in your body.

-Try to prevent bringing your pets to bedroom, as pet dander is one of the major causes of the disease.

-Use dust-proof bed and sofa covers because dust brings allergy with it and allergy is a stimulant force for asthma.

-Droppings of little insects or bugs can be harmful, avoid direct contact and try to eliminate them as soon as possible.

-Do not expose yourself to unpredictable and rapidly changing weather conditions.

– Never leave exercise or physical activities fully but also do not struggle hard and do consult with your doctor along with exercise plan and get an approval.

-Do not put extra stress on your and try to stay calm about the life situations in general.


Final Thoughts:

Despite of tremendous advancement in technology, asthma remains a disease which is not curable at the moment.

However, if you are able to indicate and diagnose all the symptoms at their start you are in a great position to cater them which is key to the right door. Managing and undertaking counter strategies against individual symptoms of asthma can help in easing out the situation instead of sitting idle with an excuse that disease cannot be treated.

Children with this disease should be encouraged and motivated to fight against the diseases as if they’re fighting against their enemy.

By fighting in case of asthma means standing tall and managing the symptoms with all the due care instead of taking your sword out and tearing up asthma.



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