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how to stop an asthma coughThere is a slight difference between chronic cough & a disease which seems similar to asthma. Chronic cough usually lasts for at least 8 weeks or maybe a bit longer, however, if it persists then it becomes alarming and may lead towards asthma.

It is worth mentioning that if you are not facing typical asthma symptoms like, wheezing or shortness of breath and severe, dry cough then it is probable that you are victim of cough-variant asthma.

This is lesser form of asthma and could be cured by merely through medications which are generally taken for usual chronic cough.

Coughs removes bacteria and harmful particles from inside the human body which could be infectious, there are usually only two basic forms, one is productive while other is non productive.

In case of productive cough, a significant amount of catarrh gets excreted which helps the lungs to get rid of damaging substances.

Non productive which is common with asthma, doesn’t let an individual to expel phlegm due to major harmful materials that remain inside and prompt asthma to grow and become a  serious condition.


Symptoms Of An Asthma Cough

Initially, it is not easy to identify between a chronic typical cough and an asthma cough because it is the common cough which worsens and turns into a major disease with following symptoms:

-Cough remains intact for more than 8 weeks

– Non productive cough most of the time

– Severe night cough

– Stiff breath taking

– Severe chest infection


Symptoms Which Are Wrongly Attributed To Asthma

tight chestIt is equally important to understand the symptoms which actually are not but wrongly associated with an asthma cough due to the lack of proper knowledge.

The following are few of them and you should seek other emergency medical assistance for these instead of treating it in similar way of an asthma patient:

-Sweating at night

-Sudden weakness

-Unconscious reduction of weigh

-Prolonging fever

-Blood coughs

-Pain in chest or chest tightness

-Difficulty in walking or change in face complexions

-No or less hunger


Factors initiating an asthma cough and their medical treatment:

bee on flower with pollenAsthma cough does not get stimulated by itself rather there are certain reasons which trigger it, such factors must be identified, they include:

-Allergic causing stuff in outside environment, e.g., pollens from grass and weeds

– Allergic substances present inside, e.g., dust, mold and pet wastage etc

– Chemical flumes, smoke, pungent smell or fragrance and air pollution

– Undue stress

– Junk food or drugs

– Too much physical exertion

– Rapidly changing weather conditions


Short Term Medications

new asthma medicationsIn a severe coughing attack, most likely you’ll be advised to use an inhaler which  is designed to quickly get medication transmitted into your airways so they open.

Widely used medications by doctors are albuterol, levalbuterol, pirbuterol, ipratropium, or corticosteroids.


Long Term Medications

These long term medications won’t give immediate relaxation which you’d get by using inhaler, however, long term medications can limit your body’s response to asthma triggers, decrease inflammation and open airways.

Common long term medications include, theophyline, omalizumab, leukotriene modulators, salmaterol, formoterol and allergy shots etc. But these medicines are not prone to usage without recommendation from a specialized doctor.


General Precautions & Preventive Measures:

glass of waterMore generalized and alternative ways to get away rid of an asthma cough that may aid the patient but neither one should stop medical prescriptions recommended by your doctor.

With a little modifications in lifestyle and adaptation of the following few habits can be vital against fighting asthma cough.



-Drink as much water as you can, mucus in one’s throat gets loosen by drinking 6 to 8 ounces glasses of water each day.

-Keep the air clean and try to make it clean by avoiding smoke and smokers or any other similar factors.

– Maximize the usage of herbs in medicines and food.

– Too much exercise or workout could damage your muscles but yoga can ease  your nerves and make you breath more calmly.

– Avoid environments which make you uneasy or causes stress as it is one of the pivotal factors in destruction of asthmatic health.

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