Exercise is a double edged sword for most lupus patients. It has proven that exercise can help you build muscles to help live a less painful life and get rid of stiffness.

Exercise can cause inflammation and joint pain. You need to choose exercises that are low impact for your bones and muscles. Here are some great examples.

Low Impact Exercises

Stretching-You can lose weight by stretching using something like tai chi or yoga are great exercises.

Dancing- Many people enjoy dancing and it is a great form of exercise.

Swimming- This is also a great exercise and is very low impact, you can do water aerobics if you want to set it up a knotch.

Other Benefits

It has been proven that people with lupus also suffer from depression. Exercise is one of the best ways to battle depression.

As little as 20 minutes a day can alleviate the signs of depression. You can also just do things that you love, like gardening, or doing work around the house.

Exercise help lesson the effects of fatigue. It may seem like counter-productive but exercising can raise your energy levels. Studies shows 90% of people who add exercise show improvement in fatigue.

Some medications like steroids can give you weight gain and adding exercise to your daily routine will help you manage your weight while on the medication.

Getting Started With Exercise

Talk to your doctor before you start any kind of exercise program. A doctor may be able to tell you the best exercises you can start and if your heart is healthy enough for exercise.

You don’t need to hit the gym and start pounding out 100’s of sets.  When you first start off take it slow you don’t want to overdo it or get too over whelmed.

Make sure to do low impact exercises like the ones we spoke about earlier. Find someone to do the exercises with not only will it be easier to do the exercises but it can make it fun.

I hope you  have enjoyed this article on lupus exercises, if you have any exercises that you prefer you can leave them in the comments. So it may help anyone who may be looking for help.


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