What Is Lupus Spoon Theory?

So what is the Lupus Spoon Theory? It is an idea that a woman named  Christine Miserandino came up with. It is a way for people to explain their struggle to other people about their illness.

While this theory started as Lupus only it has blown upF and is used as a metaphor for many different illnesses today. If you didn’t know Lupus is what they call an invisible disease.

You can be perfectly healthy and still have Lupus. People will look at Lupus patients as if they aren’t sick when they really are. In fact I myself almost got in a fight with this very issue. My wife has a handicap sticker and someone thought she wasn’t sick and wanted to fight about it.

They were very mean about it too. I didn’t actually have to fight but it could have went there. Anyways I’m getting off track , The Lupus Spoon Theory.

It started when Christine was in college. She had a roommate whom she thought knew everything there was to know about Lupus.

She had  seen everything, she had been to doctor appointment with her, seen her on a cane,seen her throwing up in the bathroom, crying out in pain.

Her roommate asked her what it felt like to be sick. They were out to eat so she looked around the room for something to help her explain the answer to the question she had never really known. She didn’t know she

would properly explain how she feels everyday. She grabbed every spoon on the table, and spoons from other tables. She handed all the spoons to her roommate. She said here you have Lupus.

Obviously her roommate was confused has she handed her all these spoons. What on earth could spoons have to do with being sick?

The difference between being sick and being healthy is having to make choices. Most people wake up every morning and can do as much as they like.

So to convey this Christine used spoons. She wanted to give her something she could actually hold, so she could take it away.

She started to count the spoons and and explained when  you are healthy you have an unlimited amount of spoons. She had 12 spoons and her roommate wanted more, she was denied.

She know had to plan her day and when she asked her to go through her daily activities and each action she takes costs a spoon.

I get up she said and Christine took away a spoon because you can’t just get up. You are tired from the lack of sleep and have to crawl out of bed. Then you have to make something to eat because you can’t take your medicine without food.

If you don’t take your medicine you won’t have spoons for tomorrow. So she lost another spoon and she hadn’t even put on any clothes yet.

After she completed her morning routine she had 6 spoons left. At the end of the day she had 1 spoon left and was hungry. If she cooked she wouldn’t have a spoon to clean the pots.

If she ate out she might not be able to drive safely home. This is The Lupus Spoon Theory in a nutshell. If you want to support Christine  or would like a copy of The Spoon Theory you can buy them at her store.


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