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New Asthma Treatments

new asthma treatmentsIn America, one in twelve people deal with asthma, and these numbers are rising on a yearly basis. It is pertinent to understand what is being done to tackle this medical concern and the symptoms it brings along.

A lot of research has gone into understanding asthma and learning how to manage the symptoms, so a person can lead a healthy life.

Here is essential information on some of the new asthma treatments that are being used to combat against this concern and what these solutions bring to the table.

New Bronchodilators

Bronchoconstriction is a medical concern, which can become the onset of asthma. This is where bronchodilators are used to remove this constriction and help relieve the airways.

new asthma medicationsGeneral solutions are used to treat this concern but new treatments in the form of “LABAs salmeterol and formoterol” are being introduced.

Advanced or stronger versions of these bronchodilators are also being released under the term “Ultra-LABAs,” which are supposed to act faster.

The premise behind this treatment is to help prolong the impact of corticosteroids when they’re used in combination.

These are seen as an ideal option to relieve many symptoms.

Novel Antiinflammatory Treatments

New Corticosteroids

new asthma breakthroughICSs have long been regarded as the most effective means of treating asthma in patients. Most doctors will recommend this solution as a way to combat symptoms and keep the person feeling good on a day-to-day basis.

New advancements have been seen in this form of treatment.

Researchers have released SEGRAs or selective glucocorticoid receptor activators, which are supposed to enhance the results.

SEGRAs are designed to enhance absorption in the lungs, enhance bioavailability (oral), and improve circulation in the body.

All of these are primary requirements when using corticosteroids, so researchers are spending more and more time on this treatment.

Future Directions

What else will be occurring in the future when it pertains to new asthma treatments? This is a question most asthma patients will have and rightly so.

As of right now, new advances are being seen in a number of ways.

A lot of time is being invested in vaccinations as a way to treat immune irregularities that might present themselves in an asthma patient. This will alleviate symptoms and get to the bottom of one’s asthma.

However, those who are in search of a long-term cure might still have to wait as further research is done at the genetic level.

Asthma is a troubling condition but one that can be managed using corticosteroids and bronchodilators in a controlled fashion. With advancements being seen in these two categories, there is a lot to look forward to for asthma patients wanting to lead healthier lives that are symptom-free.

These treatments should provide ample value to those who are looking to take the next step in their treatment and want to maximize their ability to function on a day-to-day basis.

Researchers have noted these new treatments are just the beginning for what is to come in the future as further research is completed.

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