lupus flare up

There are many things you can do to help prevent a lupus flare up.  These tips will help to prevent a flare up, while noone can say for sure if these can actually prevent a flareup but this is what the professionals recommend.

1.Visit Your Doctor Regularly

It may seem like common sense, but you should see your doctor as recommends. Your doctor can give you additional tips and prescribe medication if you need it.

If you need to apply for disability, you will need to keep good records if you want to actually be approved for it. I have written an article to help with tips to help with this HERE.



2.Get Some Sleep

You know you need to sleep, it’s one of my favorite activities. It’s not always easy life is  busy especially in this day and age.

Don’t become overworked and overtired. Manage your schedule to make sure you are getting plenty of rest. If you don’t get enough sleep you can become sick and illness can trigger a lupus flare.

Not to mention this can cause stress to you and your loved ones. Overworked, sleepy, irritable yeah lets just try to sleep as best we can. Which brings up my next point.

4.Don’t Stress Out

Sometimes there isn’t anything you can do about stress. Just having lupus can cause you stress. Try some breathing exercises or meditation.  Relax when you can, prop your feet up.

Avoiding physical stress like exercise, usually this is not recommended however this can cause a lot of inflammation bring on the symptoms of a lupus flareup.

If you need to do anything needing some downtime try to wait until you are in remission. Like to have a surgery or become pregnant. Talk to your doctor and make sure he clears you.

5.Stay Out Of The Sun

Sun is really bad for lupus patients. If you have to be out in the sun use sun screen or some type of protection. You can feel physically  if you spend too much time in the sun.

My wife has lupus and if she spends even 5 minutes in the sun her skin gets blisters. This is most commonly referred to as photosensitivity it is basically just an allergy of the sun.

Stay away from halogen bulbs as well as those give off ultraviolet rays.

6.Watch What You Eat

Stay away from foods that cause inflammation. Some people have issues with garlic and alfalfa sprouts. These can actually trigger a Lupus flare.

In my wife’s case she also has Chrone’s Disease. If this applies to you, then you should avoid vegetation as this will cause stomach pain. Small seeds also get stuck in her stomach as well and cause pain.

This won’t apply to everyone however it’s hard to beat real life examples, at least that is my thought anyways.

Talk to your doctor to learn what foods that you should avoid, and to help to better control your lupus. Although Lupus can be unpredictable, these tips should help to manage your Lupus health.

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