What Causes Lupus?

Scientists can’t all agree with the causes of lupus but many believe your  environment can have a role in having lupus. Also hormones in your body as well as your genetics.

It is said low levels of vitamin D can give you auto immune diseases like lupus. If you have family members that have lupus it is likely that you will have lupus.

This is the case with my wife, her mom has passed from lupus complications. She has lupus and we do hope that our son won’t develop lupus but only time will tell.

Having a boy it is less likely so we will keep our fingers crossed.

Symptoms Of Lupus

Lupus symptoms will vary from person to person but these are the most common symptoms for people with lupus

. Lupus is unpredictable and these symptoms can stay for awhile or be go as soon as it arrived.

The most common symptom for lupus is called a butterfly rash.

It usually appears on the face (but can appear other places.) It appears on the face in the shape of a butterfly.

My wife gets them on the top of her chest as well.

Joint pain and stiffness can be very painful this is mostly caused by inflammation. Which is because lupus will attack the joints and other organs.

You can have random fevers and your skin can blister.

Skin blisters for lupus patients are from staying out in the sun too long. It is believed to be a sun allergy of some sort, shortness of breathe, and chest pain are other symptoms.

Lupus suffers also can have dry eyes and problems with memory like memory loss or brain fog. One reason that lupus patients feel drained all the time is fatigue.

How To Get A Diagnosis

There isn’t a single test that can tell you if you have lupus or not.

The physician will take a look at your family history, the symptoms that you are having as well as the lab results.

You can show up positive in a test and 5 minutes later be negative.

This is especially frustrating for people who are trying to get disability.

Having a cold or illness can influence these tests. If this isn’t bad enough

different test sites can have different results. You may need to see an rheumatologist to help get more insight.


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