There was once a time when doctors would recommend that if you had lupus that you should not have a baby. Lupus carries it’s own set of problems.  Most women with Lupus can have healthy babies with no issues.

You should know the risks and what to expect if you decide to become pregnant.

Getting Started

First things first is that you need to get pregnant. Before you get there you need to make sure your lupus is under control.

The better shape your body is in when you become pregnant the higher success rate you will have for a healthy baby. Lupus can cause kidney problems with lupus patients.

If you have kidney problems this can cause problems with your pregnancy and could be the root cause of a failed pregnancy. Speak with your doctor about the medications that you are taking.

Your medication may or may not be safe for the baby. There however may be another issue you may want to consider. My personal experience was a rough one so here we go.


My wife has lupus and she was pregnant. We went to the doctor to make sure her medicines were fine for the baby. So we asked about all of her medicine but specifically hydrocodone.

He said her medicine and hydrocodone were okay so we didn’t worry about. However, we should have and let me tell you why. Shortly after my son was born we received a visit from a man with a clipboard.

it was child protective services. They said that there was hydrocodone in her blood and the baby’s blood. So we had to go through 6 months of classes and things.

They also sent us a text message to say they took custody of my son , over medicine that was cleared by her doctor. Let me say this again we lost our son because of medicine the doctor said was okay.

It was a really big pain and we lost our first 6 months of my son’s life so Just something to think about.

Lupus can cause hypertension but in some cases such as my wife, her blood pressure was always really high and it leveled out when she became pregnant.

Make sure that you go to all of your appointments, this is crucial. A 30% of people with lupus will have a flareup during the pregnancy process.

Having high bood pressure can lead to a serious complication called preeclampsia. Also, in a small amount of people you can develop HELLP syndrome.

My wife was unlucky and got HELLP syndrome, to give you a scope of how bad it was. The doctor told me my wife and child would both die.

It was a rough time for all especially her, they didn’t give her anything just put her on the cut her open.

one out of five pregnancies end up in miscarriage. Premature babies have difficulty feeding themselves and may need a feeding tube. Such was the case of my son as well. We hope you have a healthy pregnancy.

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