Asthma Medications

Sneezing From Allergies

With pollen season on the way, people suffering from Asthma and other allergies that cause breathing problems are probably dreading the spring right now.

If you are a long-time asthma patient you already know a lot about asthma medications and how they are used.

In order to search for an effective medication easier, we have created a list of popular asthma medication used and how it is used.

However, before taking any medications it is important for asthma patients to consult with their doctor. This is needed so that they are aware of their symptoms, and because the key to preventing and mitigating asthma is to know the symptoms and get them under control.

In order to benefit from our list please take a look below at top  asthma medications and their uses:

Quick Relief Inhalers

Albuterol Asthma InhalerWhile suffering from asthma, one could face asthma flares at unexpected times and different intervals.

In some cases quick relief inhalers are employed, the quick relief inhalers such as albuterol are just used to provide quick relief in case of sudden asthma attacks.

Inhalers such as albuterol contain bronchodilators that help in opening swollen airways that could have been swollen or blocked because of allergies.

Long-Term Medications

Long Term Asthma InhalersLong term asthma medications are the medications that are used to treat asthma symptoms and reasons that could cause asthma attacks.

The medications are prescribed on the basis of symptoms, i.e. whether the asthma is caused by allergies, inflammation or any other reason.

In long-term medications, for long-term asthma treatment, patients are generally prescribed with inhaled corticosteroids, leukotriene modifiers, beta agonists, theophylline and combination inhalers.


Allergy Medications

allergies and red eyesSometimes asthma is triggered by allergies or allergies could make it worse and cause the symptoms to grow stronger.

For example people with a pollen allergy and asthma could face severe attacks during the pollen season. To control asthma triggered by allergy medications allergy shots are recommended.

The allergy shots are used to make the immune system stronger against allergens, and in addition to allergy shots the generally prescribed medicine for asthma caused by allergens is Xolair (Omalizumab).

Prevention is better than a cure, and that’s why it is important for people with asthma to know their symptoms and take necessary measures to prevent the attacks caused by the symptoms.

Generally prescribed medicine for asthma depends on the symptoms and causes of asthma, but in general all patients with quick flares are recommended quick relief inhalers.

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