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What Happens During An Asthma Attack? What You Need To Know

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This Is What Happens During An Asthma Attack

There are basically three things that happen when you have an asthma attack:
what happens during an asthma attack1.Your Muscles Tighten Up/Chest Pain- This pain happens because when you have an asthma attack, you body forces you to breathe differently. You use muscle that you don’t normally use.

This is why you become sore in the chest area. You can also have a literal pain the neck as well as shoulders as well. The pain can still be there even 24 hours later.

The muscles actually tear because they aren’t normally used and this is why you experience pain and stiffness. If you like you can take an over the counter pain pill like Tylenol but I usually just wait it out.

It can be comparable to a hard workout , it’s up to you. If you can’t normally take these types of medicines then don’t, or consult with your physician.

The best solution of course is that if you know you will be coming in contact with a trigger, then you take preventive measures.

To lean more about what happens during a asthma attack please continue reading.

Increased Mucus Production2.Increased Mucus Production- mucus is a slippery substance that is usually yellow or green. While mucus can seem like a huge burden for people with asthma the body needs mucus.

It keeps your organs from drying out and helps fight illnesses. It also acts like a filter for things like smoke and dust and it traps it.

So If you have more mucus this should be a good thing right? Um no, let me tell you why. When you have an asthma attack the tubes that carry oxygen to your lungs become narrow and swollen.

So this makes it harder for you to breathe. When you body makes more mucus then your already narrow air tubes become even more restricted and you have an even harder time breathing.

So this is not good, not good at all. I’ve included an image so you can get a visual or what is actually happening.

Inflammation and swelling of the lungs3.Inflammation And Swelling-  Just as muscles and joints can become inflamed and swollen, so can your air breathing tubes.

This is why you can’t breathe very well when you have an asthma attack (although the mucus buildup in your tubes does not help matters).

Have you every noticed that when you touch something your allergic to, the area becomes red, swollen, and itchy?

This is the same thing that happens when you breathe in substances that your body doesn’t like. In fact you may have an itchy throat, which is a early warning sign of an asthma attack.

So If you  believe you may have asthma it is important that you see your family physician as it may very well save your life.  This is what happens when you have an asthma attack. 

Your doctor can give you a good asthma action plan to treat and prevent these life threatening conditions.

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