Creatine: A Bodybuilding Supplement

Creatine: A Bodybuilding Supplement

Creatine is basically one of the most well-known and valuable supplement used in bodybuilding that is now offered on the market. Many bodybuilders have greatly used it for some purposes and reasons. But what is creatine?

Creatine was first discovered by a French scientist in 1832, however it was only until the year 1923 that the scientists have discovered that over 95 percent of the creatine supplement is accumulated in the muscle tissue. Its bodybuilding effects were first mentioned in the report of The Journal of Biological Chemistry in 1926, but the real use of creatine for the purpose of enhancing performance was in the 1992 Olympic Games held in Barcelona, Spain.

Generally, creatine is usually produced by the body. Such is used to supply energy to our muscles. Creatine is specifically produced in the pancreas, liver, as well as in kidneys, and it is greatly carried to the body’s muscles by the bloodstream. Once creatine gets into the muscles, it is then transformed into phosphoscreatine or the creatine phosphate. They now become a strongly powerful metabolite that is usually used to reinforce the muscles’ ultimate energy source, which is the ATP or adenosine triphosphate.

In contrast to the drugs or steroids, the creatine is about 100 percent natural and is happens naturally in several foods. Foods like tuna, salmon, herring, and beef are naturally rich in this supplement. However, one of the most notable sources of this supplement is the creatine monohydrate, which contains more creatine per weight of material then any other source. This is possibly the reason that most of he bodybuilding stores sold this type of supplement for bodybuilding purposes.

From some scientific studies, it has been found out that creatine has the potential for enhancing the lean muscle weight in just two weeks. Aside from that, it has also a potential for enhancing the performance especially in high0intensity exercise, which then increase the energy levels and speed up the recovery rates. It is not at all surprising that many athletes who use it have acquired great energy and great performance than those who do not take it.

Interestingly, the supplement’s ability to increase the level of energy that is reserved in the muscles is said to have come from its muscle protein synthesizing action, while it minimizes the breakdown of protein. It is noted that this action happens since creatine has the superb effect of super-hydrating muscle cells with water. Along with that, the supplement also increases the growth of muscles making the muscle fiber bigger and mightier. And another unexpected value of this supplement is the fact that it accelerates fat loss, and builds lean body mass.

Several studies have shown that this bodybuilding supplement is safe and effective. It has never been demonstrated as harmfully toxic. So those who are ready and interested to acquire a great level of energy and build more muscle faster should try creatine supplements for best results. Even those who wish to have a lean and toned body are also advised to take this bodybuilding supplement. And especially those who are involved in an intense physical activity, thus experiencing a certain kind of fatigue and stress should try to take this for more incredible results.

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