KEYWORD “Male Bodybuilding” – 21

KEYWORD “Male Bodybuilding” – 21



The predominant cultural belief of modern society has imposed upon man certain specifications in the male body. This is probably the reason why people are so into male bodybuilding nowadays since muscular looks seems to be the defining factor in assessing a man’s masculinity.

But what exactly is male bodybuilding? It’s going to the gym and lifting weights, right? Not. If anything, male bodybuilding is a more refined form of weightlifting for it takes into heart the ideology of aesthetic body shape, tone, and mass.

In male bodybuilding circles, the word can take on different meanings and anyone can have a different view on health and nutrition. For some, male bodybuilding is a sport. For others, it is a science. Still, others believe male bodybuilding is a form of art. But no matter how it is categorized, one thing is certain male bodybuilding is too complex to be relegated under a single category.

The Four Principles

In male bodybuilding, there are only four parameters to keep in mind and that is nutrition, recuperation, supplementation, and exercise. Before going down to the specifics of each of these four principles of male bodybuilding, it is important to know that gaining the ultimate potential can only be achieved if 100% maximum effort is given to each factor.

For the best results in male bodybuilding, one must adapt the best training regimen. And the best training regimen is one that never allows you skip a meal and never lets you forget to take your supplements. Good nutrition and supplementation are the key to male bodybuilding. A common thought that any male bodybuilding fan knows is that if you’re not growing, then you’re not eating enough.

Male bodybuilding also focuses much not only in nutrition and exercise but in recuperation as well. After lifting huge weights in the gym and going through rigorous male bodybuilding routines, it is only natural that the body is treated to a good amount of sleep. This is also the time when the muscle starts to grow and recover.

The HIT Male Bodybuilding System

HIT stands for Highly Intensive Training and this is the prime system adapted by most male bodybuilding aficionados. It is incidentally the most taxing but the most effective male bodybuilding program out there.

The HIT male bodybuilding system centers around highly intense and infrequent workouts with emphasis on compound movements and progression. What happens when muscles are torn and broken down at the gym? Muscle hypertrophy. Or in layman’s term, muscle growth. It is quite a natural bodily reaction, much like how calluses are formed to protect the skin.

The HIT system of male bodybuilding takes advantage of this tendency of the muscles to rebuild itself once broken down. Intensive male bodybuilding training increases the extent of the break down of the muscle and thus increase muscle gains.

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