Psst… Here’s The Ultimate Bodybuilding Tip

´╗┐Psst… Here’s The Ultimate Bodybuilding Tip

This is a common factor that leads to failure in
achieving your ideal level of muscle and fitness.
Your Mind Isn’t On The Ball:
When you’re rushed your mind isn’t on the task in
hand. You’re thinking of what’s happening next, or
something that happened previously. But, either
way, your mind isn’t letting you do your training
properly. Imagine this scenario —
Hold on!
Maybe you don’t have to imagine. Just maybe, this
is you:
During a set of squats you’re thinking to yourself —
“one, two – I have to meet Johnny and get that
training manual from him – five – There’s some
great stuff in there. Oh! I forgot, Johnny won’t be
home today – eight – Right so, that’ll give me time
to that other things done – nine – I know there’s
something else to do, I can – ten – remember –
Squat Finished!
Do you see what’s just happened here?
Yes, maybe you were performing your squat
routine. Nothing wrong there. But you were
thinking about everything else —
except the squat!
You were just able to manage to keep track of the
count… or were you?
I’ve often found that I either repeated a count, or
left it out, whenever I was thinking about
something else. Ever notice that with yourself
Before offering up a bodybuilding tip, just let me
ask you something:
Do you think that you will achieve the results, you
desire so badly, by letting your mind wander
elsewhere except the task in hand?
I don’t think so, do you?
Bodybuilding Tip – Part 1:
This goes hand in hand with another bodybuilding
tip – Managing Your Time. If you manage your time
properly, and you focus your mind on the task of
building muscle and fitness for the time needed,
what do you think will happen?
Yep, you got it! You’ll be more organized and
focused. I knew you’d get it:-)
I hear you say —
“This bodybuilding tip is all very well and good. But
how would I keep my mind focused on my
Yep, that’s right… REASONS! You need to justify
doing something to make it worthwhile. If you have
a good enough reason to do something, you’ll do
it. If you don’t, you won’t… it’s as simple as that!
Your reason may be to build muscle and fitness
and to be more healthy. Great reasons. But not
enough by itself. Or at least, not enough to drive
you more.
Here are some reasons you could add to the mix:
First you should ask yourself –
“What are the reasons that “I” want to build muscle
and fitness?”
Create a small list of the benefits of working out,
which helps drive you even more than just that one
benefit of ‘building muscle and fitness’. Benefits
such as —
* Build healthy muscle
* Build healthy bones
* Build healthy joints
* Better sleep
* Improve the immune system
* Increase endurance
* Improve mental agility
* Increase energy
* Reduce stress and tension
* Improve my sex life:-)
These are the reasons for training. Building
muscle and fitness is very broad. You need to be
specific about what you want. Then when you are
performing any exercise, you need to keep those
reasons in mind at the time. This leads to —
Bodybuilding Tip – Part 2:
Reasons on their own are not strong enough to
keep your mind on the ball. You need to keep
them in mind everytime you train. That way you are
less likely to lose focus and think about everything
else, except your training.
How do you do this?
Imagine seeing your muscle flex as you do a
particular exercise. Feel it. Work it in your mind.
After all, muscle and fitness is not just a physical
thing… it’s also a mind game. Mind and body
working as one. That’s the ultimate training tool.
And it’s probably the ultimate bodybuilding tip I can
give you right now. It’s just that you lose the
benefits of your workout everytime your mind isn’t
on the ball. Also by keeping your reasons in mind
as you train, you are actually going to train with
much more heart than you would otherwise.
I hope this bodybuilding tip has helped you. By
reading about it is one thing. But taking action on it
is another.
Take Action Now!

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