TEEN BODYBUILDING: Who Said Milk is Only Best for Babies?

TEEN BODYBUILDING: Who Said Milk is Only Best for Babies?

Okay now everybody knows how important milk is. In fact, we cannot emphasize more on the power of milk in teen bodybuilding. So now what do you do with all those empty milk jugs lying around? You can put them up for recycling but leave two for the newest teen bodybuilding routine: the milk jug workout.

We all know that bodybuilding can be a big investment, what with all those equipment, training instructions, and supplements you have to take. This is why most teens balk at the idea. Teen bodybuilding? Whoever heard of such a thing?

Well, a lot of teenagers have already taken up teen bodybuilding as a kind of hobby. This is mainly because the workout programs used for teen bodybuilding capitalize on training without weights, thus cutting on costs.

Right now, the teen bodybuilding program we’re focusing on is the Milk Jug workout. What better way to make use of those empty milk jugs, right? Well, first the milk jugs have to be filled with something. Either sand or water will do.

For the biceps, it’s best to assume a standing position, making sure that the back remains straight. Holding the now filled up milk jugs, one for each hand,

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